Destination Vacation Design Theme

LMB’s Spa Design Plans–which come complete with all the information you need to open a spa, as well as a beautiful design theme–help bring the exotic, the foreign, the new, the exciting, home to your spa. Linda’s latest theme is no different. She hops from destination to destination picking out the best traditions, the most invigorating scents, the most delicious flavors, and the prettiest sights to bring to your spa.

Focusing on Australia and the surrounding islands of New Zealand, Fiji, and French Polynesia, the Destination Spa Theme is sure to take you on an adventure.


Imagine visiting the Pacific islands, staying in the best resorts, luxuriating in the sleek yet warm spas, experiencing native treatments, listening to the sounds of the ocean. Now imagine you could do that without leaving your hometown. That’s exactly what you can do when you visit a spa that has been created with this LMB’s Signature Design Theme: Destination Vacation.


It’s all the raw beauty of the wilds of New Zealand or the beaches of Polynesia coupled with the sleek, sophistication of Sydney, Australia.


As you walk through the intricately Polynesian-style carved doors, you are greeted by a sleek lobby dominated by smooth curves.


The glass wall behind the reception desk is glass as blue as the sea off the coast of Bora Bora.


Crystal clear aquamarine complements the warm oranges, golds, and magentas of sunsets. Cool sandy browns mix with rich mahogany.

waves at sunrise

And the relaxing sounds of the ocean, birds, and traditional instruments sooth you as you relax next to an open fire in a beautiful, sleek locker room with bamboo screens, sandy marble features, and fiery red accents. You can bring this music home now, just listen here.


Treatments draw from native traditions. You have so many wonderful choices: singing bowl massages; coffee scrubs; volcanic ash body treatments; banana leave body wraps; coconut oil moisture masks; manuka honey facials; and so much more.


You are torn between a miri miri Tahitian and romi romi Maori massages. They both use traditional holistic methods to relieve tension and synchronize the spirit and body, but miri miri massages combine massage with traditional aromatherapy while Romi romi massages incorporate acupressure.


Salt lamps cast a warm glow around the room as you sip fresh jasmine tea while you relax before a dip in the mineral rich hot tubs, which mimic the natural hot springs found in New Zealand.


Eucalyptus and Australian lavender aromatherapy to calm and uplift. Or choose gardenia oil for comfort, self-confidence, trust, love & peace. 


Enjoy delicious kiwi smoothies, fruit salads with mango and papaya, macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi (or perhaps you’d prefer this white fish prepared in the Polynesian-style), and more. Nibble on some traditional hearth baked Australian bread. Perhaps you want something a bit more substantial? Have the Hawaiian pineapple and chicken wrap, a healthy meal of lean proteins and low carbs.


And you must try the Hawaiian butter mochi for dessert or coconut sorbet for dessert.


Pots of jasmine flowers and fresh gardenia petals leave a beautiful, subtle sweetness in the air.



And photos of native fauna grace the walls. You smile as you look on the photo of a baby koala on her mother’s back.


On your way out you pick up a jar of native lavender and sea salt scrub, a bamboo candle, or an avocado bath oil to bring a piece of the exotic home with you.