Tuscany Signature Design Theme

Benvenuto. Welcome to Tuscany. A light breeze wafts past a row of Cyprus trees and in through the open doors. It carries with it the scent of night blooming jasmine and sage. The natural stucco walls of the room you are standing in are adorned with classic Italian Renaissance artwork. Other rooms are painted in pale greens, calming lavenders, and vivid iris purples. Marble and ironwork are softened by natural wood accents.


Your treatment today will be in a golden walled treatment room. The lemon aromatherapy scent in the air was chosen to complement your natural sea salt and citrus scrub and massage. You relax after in a thermal steam bath in the stone grotto room.


After you finish you go to the poolside café to enjoy a glass of chianti with a plate of panzanella—a traditional Tuscan salad made with locally sourced tomatoes and fresh herbs. You select fresh figs with mascarpone cheese for dessert.

As your day in Tuscany draws to a close you walk out the double doors and past the bubbling fountain, picking up a citrus and rosemary scented travel mist–to take the scents of Tuscany with you–and not forgetting to book an olive oil purification treatment for your next visit.