Spa Implementation

LMB Signature Design Themes

Do you want help opening your spa but don’t want a consultant? In addition to our consulting services, LMB Spa Consulting has developed unique spa design themes that take you from ideas and development through implementation and launch. Our plans help you define your style and offer a complete roadmap to consult when you don’t want hire a consultant. Don’t worry, though, if you need us we will still be here to help and guide you through the implementation process!

With these design themes you not only create a spa, you create a world that you want to live in, that you want to experience, bringing the exotic near to your home. The design plans are ideas that you can feel and create, that capture your imagination and go beyond your wildest imagination. If you are imagining a theme that isn’t listed below, never fear; LMB Spa Consulting can work with you to create a theme to match your exact specifications.

We currently offer seven Signature Design Themes to choose from. Every theme is carried through from conception to practice with indigenous treatments and ingredients inspired from around the world.They include everything from guidance for how to create your theme to choosing your music to planning a menu and from designing realistic income schedules to creating marketing campaigns. These themes take you, the spa owner, from inception through completion while keeping your investment to a minimum.

Signature Design Themes:

  • Essence of Tuscany: Picture rolling green hills, clay roofs, cypresses
  • Picture of Provence: A chateau set in fields of lavender
  • Modern: Sleek lines, simple colors
  • Pacific Rim: Tropical, volcanic, tranquil
  • Asia: Orchids, bamboo screens, green tea
  • Classically Elegant: Classic luxury, understated
  • Urban Chic: Think Tribeca but quieter
  • Resort: A perfect ski retreat
  • Nature: A monarch butterfly, a bumblebee collecting nectar, an oasis in the middle of a dessert