Pacific Rim Signature Design Theme

Aloha! Hello and welcome to Linda’s latest Signature Design Theme. Inspired by the Pacific Rim region, this theme is a tropical twist on her original Asia Signature Design Theme.


As you enter the lobby through basket weave double doors flanked by palm trees, you are greeted by a receptionist wearing a cheerful spring green and white uniform. She beckons you towards the locker room where you can pour yourself a cup of jasmine or white tea.

You feel as though you’ve been transported to a tropical island in the south pacific as ukulele music is played softly over the sound of a waterfall.


You relax with lomi lomi massage featuring polished lava stones in a room scented with jasmine and rose. Or maybe you opt for a rejuvenating mango peel, leaving your skin feeling fresh. Before you head to your Balinese ginger pedicure, you take a moment to do yoga in a beautiful room featuring a bubbling water feature.


Treatment rooms are named not numbered, you notice, as you pass Tahiti, Bora Bora, Oahu, and Taveuni. Decorations are simple, orchids and hibiscus plants. You see that some of the staff wear flowers in their hair and leis as they usher you to your next destination.


You continue your day on the patio, warmed by the lava rock fire pit. Sipping a tropical fruit smoothie (check out this recipe for inspiration) you order the light lemongrass shrimp. It’s been such a relaxing day you even decide to splurge on a lava cake with a scoop of Tahitian vanilla ice cream.


As you leave, you already can’t wait to come back to try out the Asian soaking tubs and coconut oil moisture treatment. Maybe you’ll also try the Himalayan salt block asparagus and a tropical fruit salad with yogurt. Maybe you won’t leave just yet after all!