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What do you do when you first wake up? Turn off your alarm clock and hop (or drag yourself) out of bed, probably.

Well before you put your feet on the floor, take a moment for yourself. Give a nice big stretch, reaching your arms up in a “v” and spreading your fingers. Really reach up all the way to your finger tips. Feel your body waking up ready to start the day.

According to a Harvard trained psychologist, doing this simple act every morning can improve your mood and your whole outlook during the day. In fact, good posture and stretching both can relieve stress and increase mindfulness.


More than that, stretching in the morning can improve your physical health too: it can increase muscle flexibility and improve circulation. Ever feel stiff in the morning? Waking up with a quick stretch will help with that too.

If you want to go one step further for your body and mind, try a morning yoga routine like a sun salutation–it will maximize the benefits of a morning stretch.