Guadalest, Spain

Last week, we visited Alicante, Spain together. Today we move to Guadalest, a small village about 30 minutes from the Mediterranean coast.


It is nestled high up in the mountains.


Moorish architecture, just down the road in Alicante

And relatively unspoiled since it was settled by the Moors.


We frequented an outdoor cafe where we discovered ginger beer shandies. A ginger shandy is similar to a Moscow Mule, but far more refreshing on a summer day. It’s made with equal parts ginger ale and pilsner beer, but can also be made with equal parts fizzy lemonade and beer. Or if you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, try using fizzy lemonade and a ginger beer (while called beer, they’re non-alcoholic). Top with a piece of crystalized ginger or a twist of lemon and you’ve got a beautiful cocktail–or mocktail–proven to beat the summer heat.


And you’ll definitely want a refreshing drink in Guadalest, after all the walking (and climbing) you’ll do. It’s set in the mountains and you can walk up a path to the iconic belfry, pictured above. There are sloping paths cut into the rock face that run to castle ruins and church precariously perched above.


For a bit of fun, visit the microgigantic museum! It’s fantastic to see these extraordinary miniatures. As they say, are the “most incredible in the world” and I believe it.


Even the trip out of town is beautiful, with awe-inspiring views. I was sad to leave, but eager to press on to our next stop: Barcelona!