Flavors of Tuscany

I draw inspiration from many different places when I develop my Signature Design Themes. When creating my Tuscan inspired theme, Essence of Tuscany, I found myself inspired by the landscapes and architecture; the sights and sounds; but most of all, I was inspired by the flavors of Tuscany.

Italian cuisine is always delicious and Tuscany does not disappoint. It is filled with fresh flavors drawn from the rich bounty of the region. I have already featured two savory dishes, but I felt that passing references were not enough to do justice to everyone’s favorite food: ice cream!

Tuscany’s ice creams, like their savory dishes, showcase fresh flavors. I’ve been scouring the internet to find my favorite flavors and recipes, here are my top three:

  1. Ricotta and Fig Gelato (you can find a nice recipe on Lorimer Street Kitchen’s blog, though theirs does have a non-traditional twist: candied walnuts.)
  2. Basil Lemon Sorbet (Lemon sorbet with a hint of basil is great as it is, but the Cooking Channel kicks it up another notch with lemoncello!)
  3. Blood Orange and Fennel Ice Cream (Scoop Adventure has a recipe for a lovely deconstructed version of this flavor, with fennel ice cream drenched in a blood orange sauce.)

Try one or all three of these cool (pun intended!) flavors and bring the tastes of Tuscany into your kitchen this summer!