Healthy Living ~ Yoga

Life is a balance. If our bodies are not in balance it is difficult to maintain a health life. From balancing your skin with a good cleanser (check out our Holiday BOGO deal!) to balancing your digestive system with good food to balancing your energy with exercise, life is better when your body is in balance. One way to achieve balance in the body and mind is through yoga. Like the vitamins in our cleanser or the nutrients in our food, yoga’s health benefits–which have been known for centuries–have been proven by modern science. By regulating breathing and gently stretching the body, yoga increases circulation and calms the mind, helping to lower.

Signature Design Themes

Check out LinkedIn for the latest information about LMB Signature Design Themes. I discuss my inspiration for them and how they will inspire you.

Seven Spa Trends

Hello everyone! I’ve recently written a post on seven current spa trends for LinkedIn Pulse. Please head over to to check it out!

Go Red

Linda attended the American Heart Association “Go Red” Fundraiser in 2014. Her donated spa treatment vouchers helped raise money for heart disease awareness!