Signature Design Theme~Asia

Ni Hao! Hello and welcome to Asia, one of LMB’s nine unique Signature Design Themes. As you walk through shoji doors you are greeted by natural decor, mossy greens, cool browns, stark whites, and shining blacks. A bleached bamboo wood desk with a perfectly manicured bonsai tree in a blue glazed pot sitting on one side. River stones embedded in the floors, lead you to the koi pond and zen sand garden in one direction and to shoji doors adorned with a painting of cherry blossoms in the other. As these inner doors open to the beautiful bamboo clad locker room–complete with copper or black stone Japanese soaking tubs–you are met with the aroma of green tea and camellia flowers. Bamboo flute music plays melodically in the background as you move from the changing room through to the orange and gold mediation room.

Asia Theme 3

An employee in simple Mandarin-style comes to take you to your treatment. Perhaps you are having a matcha salt scrub followed by ginger wrap. Maybe you prefer a jade hot stone massage by a masseuse trained in the ancient art of acupressure. Your treatment room is illuminated by candles and the air is filled with aromas that complement your chosen treatment. You try a bamboo awakening treatment and take a short Tai Chi course, reviving your mind and body.

Asia Theme 2

You decide to have a healthy spa meal before leaving and choose from a menu of Asian-inspired, healthful dishes. Perhaps you choose Vietnamese garden rolls made with fresh garden vegetables, glass noodles, and rock shrimp wrapped in rice paper and served with a freshly made peanut dipping sauce, followed by a piece of sesame seed crusted ahi tuna. You decide to finish the delightful meal with with a cup of antioxidant rich white tea and a scoop of traditional red bean ice cream.

Asia Theme 1

Your day in Asia is complete as you walk out of the spa past a large Buddha statue stationed by the doors, wishing well to all who come and go from this spa.

To learn more about how you can create an Asian themed spa, please go to our website or contact LMB Spa Consultants and ask about our Spa Design Themes. These plans are full of recipes, vendors, traditional treatment techniques, scents and sounds to set the mood, and so much more.