Alicante, Spain

Travel heals the mind and soul. A few years ago I traveled to Alicante, Spain with friends and it was a truly wonderful experience.

Alicante 1

We headed straight from the airport right to the neighborhood outdoor bar “where everybody knows your name.”

Alicante 10

The locals were lovely, although perhaps a bit quirky–this woman was walking her rabbit on a leash!


Alicante 5

Alicante 4

Oh the palm trees and the blue skies. Even when the skies turned dark before a storm, the vistas were stunning. And even thought it looks ominous, we waited out the storm and back out we went only 20 minutes later!

Alicante 12

Alicante 15

And the food at the local restaurants was to die for. Delicious and so fresh. No wonder nutritionists advocate the Mediterranean diet.

Alicante 2

Plus restaurants often have live entertainment. What’s better than a great meal, a gorgeous beachside view, and live music?

Alicante 8

Perhaps drinks with dear friends on a balcony overlooking the ocean!

Alicante 11

Alicante 7

Or lounging oceanside under big umbrellas and green palm trees.

Alicante 14

One day we were walking along the boardwalk and saw the most amazing sand art I’ve ever seen. This sand castle gives new meaning to the name!

Alicante 9

One day we hiked another we rode our bicycles up extremely high up the rough terrain just to see the ocean below us! I’ll never forget the friends I made and the fun I had. But before I knew it I was leaving Alicante and moving on, having different adventures in other areas of Spain–adventures that I’ll take you on next week!