LMB Spa Consulting: for all your business and beauty needs.


“Your positive experience is the key to our success”

LMB Spa Consulting has been instrumental in the successful design, construction, and launch of spas across the United States, and soon, the world. Our clients include:

  • Salon/Spa
  • Day Spa
  • Hotel/Resort Spa
  • Destination Spa
  • Health/Fitness Spa
  • Wellness Center

LMB’s team has the skill set and resources necessary to help with all aspects and stages of your spa’s development from:

  • Vision building to internet marketing
  • Floor plans to product line development
  • Sales incentive programs
  • Educational training to revenue maximization

Whether you’re creating a new spa needing design, construction, purchasing, branding and staffing advice, or an existing spa planning a redesign and needing an assist with your spa menu, advertising, or client retention, LMB Spa Consulting is there to ensure your success.

As the founder, Linda Besold, shares her experience with each client, from the humble beginnings as a New York State licensed Esthetician performing services up through spa owner, director, and finally, as the owner of LMB Spa Consulting.

Having personally risen through and enjoyed each level, Linda and her team can lend focus to all aspects of your business journey, from walking you through the initial baby steps to welcoming your first clients at your doorstep. She, along with her team of hand-picked professionals, guide you through the process of creating the spa of your dreams.


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